Christina Maria Aguilera is my inspiration for everything that I do in life. She is my idol. don't go a day without listening to her music. It gets me through each day. It is her music that keeps me sane. Even seeing a picture of her brightens my day a bit. Her personality lifts my spirits. She's a phenomenal singer, actress, mother, daughter, PERSON. Everything about Xtina is flawless in my eyes. If you're a FIGHTER and you share my love for Queen Legendtina, feel free to follow my blog!


How I imagine Christina reacts when haters say her ‘screaming’ hurts their ears.



Omg such a pretty name

Congratulations Xtina and Matt!

On the birth of their beautiful princess Summer Rain Rutler!


Christina has announced, via Twitter, that her daughter’s name is Summer Rain Rutler. (x)


Christina Aguilera  Introducing Her Baby To Music Early See Full Article: